Detect Alzheimer’s disease with a simple blood test before symptoms appear

ATRI at University of Southern California, Dr. Paul Aisen, MD

We want to find a safe and affordable test to diagnose AD even in those without symptoms, ultimately allowing us to treat AD earlier, before memory loss occurs.

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Project Summary

Through a program we’ve created to build a trial-ready cohort, we have recruited 40,000 people interested in getting involved in clinical trials aimed at discovering treatments that will reduce the risk of AD. These people, all age 50 and older, have been screened and are members of the general population.

We want to invite 2,000 of these people for blood sample analysis every other year for the next 6 years. Our goal is to work with these people to find a blood test that accurately and reliably detects AD before any symptoms of memory loss occurs.

If found, this test will make it easier for people at risk to get involved in AD research and, ultimately, help us find a treatment or cure for AD faster.

This project is focused on raising funds for the first round of blood tests.

Project Length2 years
GoalTo identify a reliable blood test for Alzheimer's Disease before symptoms appear
Research TypeClinical Trial
Research Team