Develop a deep understanding of ME/CFS through genomic sequencing

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. John Greally, DMed, PhD

Study to develop an intense genetic comprehension of ME/CFS to inform diagnoses

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Project Summary

Patients with ME/CFS have an inability to recover after exercise and other forms of stress. It’s a condition that builds over time and can lower energy levels to extreme lows. With symptoms of overwhelming fatigue, pain, dizziness, and more, ME/CFS is difficult to diagnose, treat, and understand. Our plan is to use samples from patients enrolled in the NIH-funded Center for Solutions for ME/CFS, to perform genomic sequencing on hundreds of genomes in a pilot phase. We will then analyze the genomic sequence to find the genes likely to contribute to ME/CFS patients. Finally, we will publish the findings to lead the conversation on ME/CFS genetics and attract larger-scale federal funding.

Project Length6 months
GoalTo perform the first large scale genomic study of hundreds of people with confirmed ME/CFS, with the goal of identifying new ways of diagnosing the condition and ultimately a cure for the condition
Research TypeExploratory research
Research Team