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Recent Publications

An open science study of ageing in companion dogs | Creevy, K.E., Akey, J.M., Kaeberlein, M. et al. | 2022 | Nature

The Dog Aging Project is a long-term longitudinal study of ageing in tens of thousands of companion dogs. The domestic dog is among the most variable mammal species in terms of morphology, behaviour, risk of age-related disease and life expectancy... Read more

The Dog Aging Project: Translational Geroscience in Companion Animals | Kaeberlein M, Creevy KE, Promislow DE.| 2016 | Mamm Genome

Studies of the basic biology of aging have identified several genetic and pharmacological interventions that appear to modulate the rate of aging in laboratory model organisms, but a barrier to further... Read more

A randomized controlled trial to establish effects of short-term rapamycin treatment in 24 middle-aged companion dogs | Urfer SR, Kaeberlein TL, Mailheau S, et al. | 2017 | Geroscience

Age is the single greatest risk factor for most causes of morbidity and mortality in humans and their companion animals. As opposed to other model organisms used to study aging, dogs share the human environment... Read more

DNA methylation and chromatin accessibility predict age in the domestic dog | Daniel E. L. Promislow et al. | 2024 | Aging Cell

Across mammals, the epigenome is highly predictive of chronological age. These “epigenetic clocks,” most of which have been built using DNA methylation (DNAm) profiles, have gained traction as biomarkers of aging and organismal health. While the ability of DNAm to predict chronological... Read more

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